Business Hardfacing Cold Spray
Cold Spray

Cold Spray is a surface treatment technology that improves performance and lifetime of parts by spraying and stacking in high speed the high conductive, corrosion resistant and chemical-resistant material on the surface of the parts without melting.
In particular, this is one of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, such as 3D printing which is called the 3rd industrial revolution and is being extended to such industries as aerospace, nuclear power and defense industry.

Technology in possession

Cold Gas Spray, Warm Spray


- Spent nuclear fuel disposing vessel and nuclear fuel cladding pipe surface treatment
- Difficult-to-cut materials additive processing and parts manufacturing (3D printing parts)
- Corrosion-resistant coating and repair of Al-family alloy parts in airplanes or transporting machines
- Conductive pattern applied metal/ceramic parts